Article 1. Products sold on onpoten

– Men’s, women’s, boys, girls, and pregnant women’s clothes

-Fashion accessories

-Phone accessories


-Equiment to doing garden

Article 2. Prohibited products for sale Our products are vetted before approval.

So you need to be aware of the products that are not posted on our e-commerce platform. Product regulations such as:

1 Piracy: Counterfeit, counterfeit, unauthorized copy of a product or item that may infringe the copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property rights of third parties .

2 Animals and preparations of animals (including wild animals)

3 Antiques and Artifacts

4 Used cosmetics

5 Counterfeit money, fake seal

6 Credit and debit cards

7 Currencies

8 Narcotic substances (including synthetic drugs), drugs of all kinds, aphrodisiacs…

9 Electronic monitoring devices and other electronic equipment such as television cable splitters, radar scanners, traffic signal control equipment, eavesdropping devices

10 Embargoed items

11 Firearms,  weapons and weapons-like products are as follows: Toys shaped like guns o Air or spring-loaded pistols that fire plastic bullets or other ammunition o Water and steam guns; Fluorescent gun or explosive shot Toys shaped like other weapons o Like grenades, bombs, mines. o Like swords, spears, pears, daggers, bows and crossbows (made of all kinds of materials including wood, bamboo, compressed paper…). Firecrackers: firecrackers, fireworks, shells, shells made of firecrackers or other materials that can cause fires and burns. 12 Sex toys, sex toys of all kinds

13 Prohibited Foods: For the safety of all users, sellers should not post the following related foods/preparations for sale (a) Medicinal products: items presented as effective in the diagnosis, cure, treatment or prevention of disease in humans or animals; have contraceptive, anesthetic, or temporary or long-term inhibition/termination/enhancement of physiological function (e.g. pharmaceuticals, weight loss pills, off-label or misbranded); (b) Toxic Food: Food that contains prohibited ingredients or exceeds the allowable rate; adulterated food without giving the buyer sufficient notice before the time of the transaction; (c) Unpasteurized dairy products; (d) Wild mushrooms; (e) Any food item harmful to human health; (f) Raw food (whether or not processed).

Thực phẩm không thuộc các danh mục bị cấm nêu trên phải tuân thủ các tiêu chuẩn và nguyên tắc tối thiểu sau:


(a) Expiry date – all food items must be labeled with clear expiry date information. Expired food items may not be sold. (b) Perishable/perishable food items – It is the responsibility of the seller to provide complete information in the item description and to ensure that the food is properly packaged at all times.

14 Original stamps/marks – all products listed for sale need to be kept intact with their stamps/marks, packaging, not allowed to be divided/extracted in any way, to ensure that the buyer has proof of identity fake, used goods.

15 Badges, medals, uniforms or items related to Government, Police, Army.

16 Human body parts or remains

17 Lock-breaking device

18 Lottery tickets

19 Pesticides

20 Wines of all kinds; Beer or drinks with an alcohol content of 15% or more

21 Services: The provision of services such as electronic recharge, recruitment, real estate brokerage, insurance, etc., especially illegal services such as prostitution

22 Gambling Machines

23 Products that have been recalled for safety reasons

24 Stocks, shares, securities and seals

25 Cigarettes, pipe tobacco, smoking tools, accessories, pipes

26 Types of discount codes provided by Shopee

27 Jewelry/gold and precious stones

28 All map related products

29 Computer programs/software

30 Items prohibited by law

Article 3.Payment

Customers will pay us in advance. After that, we will pay the supplier back within 02 weeks (14 days except Saturday and Sunday) if there are no complaints about the product.

They will deduct 1% commission on the total order sold by the supplier

Article 4. Account cancellation

We will deactivate if the supplier does not comply with clauses 1 and 2 of this policy page


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