Return - Refund

When the customer receives the goods but does not match the ordered model, or the goods are damaged during the exchange, they have the right to complain.

Customers can complain at the phone number printed on the bill affixed to the outside of the package

Or go to to complain

Customers are not allowed to return or exchange for the reason that they do not like the goods with their own senses.

When we confirm the claim is true, we will proceed to return the product; or refund if the buyer does not agree to change the product

Refund time is 24 hours from the date of confirmation that the customer's complaint is correct.

With products with warranty. The supplier will provide a warranty card. And will conduct warranty for customers with damage during use.

Note: the damage must come from the quality of the product. That is, the damage is confirmed without outside influence or intervention

Some products such as electronics or information technology goods have warranty agents throughout the provinces.

However, there are some products that the buyer needs to send to the supplier for warranty.

Warranty period: depends on the characteristics of each type of goods but not more than 1 month. Within 1 month, the supplier must provide warranty information to the buyer. In case the warranty problem cannot be handled. The supplier must return the corresponding new one to the buyer