According to the regulations, the seller will take care of the packaging and transportation. However, we give the shipping policy to the seller
Help the seller understand for the purpose of convenience in transactions and in accordance with the shipping characteristics of Vietnam.

The goods that are not shipped are the goods we prohibit sellers from posting products on the store

1. Cases of non-shipping

· Goods on the list of prohibited transactions on onpoten. SEE HERE

In addition are the following items that absolutely do not support shipping

· Gasoline, oil, gas, inflammable and explosive goods

Precious metals (gold, silver, etc.), high-value precious stones (diamonds, rubies, etc.)

· Animals, plants

· Lighters, flashlights, decorative items in the shape of weapons

2. Conditions of carriage with conditions and/or restrictions on carriage
a. Heavy things

According to the regulations of the shipping units, the weight used to calculate the charge is the highest weight level when comparing the weight and the converted weight of the package after packing.
Shipping unit


In order to prevent the order from being canceled, the Seller needs to enter the full weight after packing and the 3-dimensional dimensions,   of the parcel so that the system calculates the correct volume of conversion for each unit.

For orders with lower import volume than actual; Merchant has the right to refuse to ship the order or the Seller will have to pay the extra shipping fee or negotiate with the buyer.

b. Fragile

Products made of: thin plastic; glass; crystal; terracotta; ceramic; ceramic; terracotta; plaster; products with liquid inside, etc. When transporting, there is a great risk that requires a separate warning and transportation regime.

c. Products cannot be shipped by air (Due to aviation safety regulations)
- Gases (Gas cans, room sprays, insect sprays, hair sprays, oxygen tanks for breathing, ...)

- Flammable liquids (Paint, gasoline, oil, alcohol, alcohol, glue, perfume, ...)

- Flammable solids (Metal powder, chemical powder, etc.)
- oxidizing agent

- Products with magnetic fields (Magnets)

- Electronic equipment with charge: Batteries, power banks, cell phones, battery-powered shavers, etc.

For orders containing these products, the shipping time will be 2-4 days longer than usual. Because the transport unit must use road vehicles such as cars, trains to transport goods.

It is the Seller's responsibility to clearly mark the "Air freight" information on the package

Before shipping, the Seller must ensure that the goods are ready to be shipped for the distance corresponding to each order. As follows:

All parcels must be ready to ship before shipping, sealed by Seller.

The packaging of all parcels must include the following information:
Recipient Information, including: Recipient's name, phone number and recipient's address
Order's bill of lading
Airline Notes are not shipped by air. (if at least 01 product in the parcel is in the group of products that cannot be shipped by air)
Seller (Sender) should include a valid financial invoice of the product in the parcel (if applicable).

Financial invoice is the basis to support the complaint handling process such as: determining the market value of goods; ensure valid circulation of goods; not confiscated by the market regulator, etc.

Buyer after placing an order. There will be a note on whether to view the goods before the goods.

If the buyer agrees with the "not allowed to see the goods first" note, the goods cannot be viewed when receiving the goods.

However, within 24 hours after receiving the goods, the buyer has the right to complain about the quality and design of the goods.

In case it is noted "to see the goods first", the buyer needs to check the goods in the presence of the shipper. Buyers only refuse when the product does not match the selected model, or is damaged.

Buyers may not refuse to receive the goods, or ask for a return on the grounds that they do not like the goods.